Wine Display Showcase Unit

Head Wine unit

A wine display showcase helps enhance the general atmosphere of the restaurant and confer a touch of luxury to dining experience. All Koldtech wine display showcases are meticulously designed to integrate as well as bring out the gist of the restaurant concept. A wide range of coloured stainless integrate as well as bring out the gist of the restaurant concept. A wide range of coloured stainless steel and finishes are available as options for the cabinet body to produce the best fit with the surrounding atmosphere. Choice of rack and lighting also play important roles in product presentation. In some case, a special section is used to highlight a particular featured bottle, to make it standout further. In addition, safety features such as temperature alarm and humidity control are incorporated in to our system to prevent any potential damage to wine.

Apart from hotels and premium restaurants, currently there is also a rising trend of distinguished homes incorporating wine display show case and even wine rooms as part of the interior decor.

Wine Dispenser Unit

Wine dispensing -1

Wine dispensing – 8 Heads

Wine dispensing -2

Wine dispensing – 12 Heads

Increase your wine sales by allowing customer to taste and enjoy variety of wines in one setting Guarantee to increase your wine sales and attract more customer s to your restaurant where customers can enjoy different types of wines during the course at affordable prices.

Wine Room

Head Wine room

Wine room applies the concept of walk-in chiller for wine storage. Safety features are integrated in to our design to ensure that the costly win is stored at the optimal humidity and temperature. Our wine rooms can be designed to have the dual functions fo storage and display.


Wine Wall

Head Wine wall

Wine Wall can be created by transforming a whole wall into a wine display showcase. It can also be designed  as a see-through unit with double glazed glass panels on both sides. Accessories such as LED lighting, door handle and wine racks can be customized to blend in with the surrounding, making it and integral part of the room.